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2020 Oldenburg Mare

Olivi - Qredit - I Am Graf Royal/Graf Gotthard

Bred by Sierra Downs Sporthorse Farm. Retained for our sport and breeding program.

Performance Record:

2023: Champion Filly USDFBC Qualifier on score of 88.725%!!!


3rd Place USDF Year End Awards 2YO Filly - 79.775%

Champion USDFBC Southern Series Filly Final (scores up to 80.900%)

2021: 3rd Place USDFBC Southern Series Filly Final (scores up to 75.825%)

2020: Champion USDFBC Southern Region Current Year Filly (scores up to 76.625%)



2019 Hanoverian Mare - Premium Mare Candidate (pending MPT, foal)

Fabregas - Fidertanz - Don Bosco

Flying High, bred by Shannon Brooks, has been acquired for our program. This talented young filly won the 2019 Albert Kley award for the Top Dressage Hanoverian Foal in Canada. She was awarded Champion Dressage foal & Gold Medal Foal at her Hanoverian Inspection with the following commentary from Inspector Dr. Christmann “Very typey, very elegant, correct in her legs … She has a super trot. Very light-footed, easy, elastic, uphill. Good from behind, lots of freedom of the shoulder … The walk is also really good, lots of rhythm, suppleness … "

Performance Record:

2023: USDF 4 & 5 YO Materiale (scores up to 77.400%)


Champion USDF Year End Awards - 3YO Fillies (79.550%)

Reserve Champion USDFBC Southern Series Filly Final (scores up to 80.950%)

2021: Reserve Champion USDFBC Southern Series Filly Final (scores up to 80.013%)

2020: Reserve Champion USDFBC Southern Region Filly Final (scores up to 78.338%)

Offspring Records:

2024 In foal to Ferdeaux



2021 Hanoverian Filly

Lingh x Dakotah WS (Dancier x Raphael Son II)

Bred by Jan Marquardt, Walkabout Station. Acquired and retained for the Sierra Downs sport and breeding program.

Performance Record:

2023: USDFBC 2 YO Filly score of 79.250%

2022: USDFBC Yearling Filly (scores up to 79.750%)


AHS Gold Medal Foal

Reserve Champion USDFBC Southern Region Current Year Foal (scores up to 81.400%)



2013 Oldenburg Mare

Qredit x Jeopardy (I Am Graf Royal/Graf Gotthard)

A bold, elegant mare with long lines, correct conformation and a strong work ethic. 

Performance Record:

2022: USDFBC Produce of Dam 79.350%

(2020 Only Diamonds SDSF, 2022 Valore SDSF)

2017: 3rd place USDFBC Southern Region 3 YO Materiale Finals

Offspring Records:

2023 Lord Lexington SDSF

Bay Rhineland Colt by Louisville HTF

2022 Valore SDSF

Bay Rhineland Colt by Vilancio

- USDFBC scores up to 77.250%

2020 Only Diamonds SDSF

Chestnut Oldenburg Filly by Olivi

- 2023 USDFBC Qualifier Champion Filly w/ score of 88.725%

- 2022 USDFBC Southern Series Filly Champion

- 2022 USDF Year End Awards 2YO Filly - 3rd Place

- 2022 USDFBC 2YO Filly scores up to 80.900%

2019 Orion SDSF

Bay Oldenburg Colt by Olivi

- premium Oldenburg GOV colt

- USDFBC scores up to 78.375%



2015 Oldenburg Mare

Qredit x Jeopardy (I Am Graf Royal/Graf Gotthard)

Qrystal has very correct conformation, the expression of her sire and the agility and stamina of her dam. She has proven herself a true workhorse under saddle and in the competition arena.

Performance Record:

2022: USDFBC Produce of Dam 78.900%

(2022 Desert Rose SDSF, 2021 Lord Louie SDSF)

2019: Reserve Champion USDFBC Southern Region 4 & 5 Year Old Mares (scores up to 77.250%)

2018: 5th place USDFBC Southern Region Filly Championship (scores up to 74.275%)

Offspring Records:

2024 In Foal to Vilancio

2023 Hypnotique SDSF

Bay Rhineland Filly by EH Herzensdieb

2022 Desert Rose SDSF

Grey Rhineland Filly by Dannebrog

- 2023 USDFBC Qualifier Yearling Filly 1st Place score of 80.450%

- 2022 USDFBC Southern Series CY Foal Champion

- 2022 USDF Year End Awards Fillies of Current Calendar Year - 4th Place

- 2022 USDFBC CY Foal scores up to 82.525%

2021 Lord Louie SDSF

Bay Rhineland Colt by Louisvile HTF

- 2021 USDFBC Southern Series CY Foal Champion

- 2021 USDF Year End Awards Colts of Current Calendar Year - Reserve Champion

- 2021 USDFBC scores up to 82.912%


2019 Hanoverian Mare

Rascalino - DeLaurentis/De Niro - Bordeaux

Rosa is a strong confident filly with good bone and a harmonious tope line. Her sire Rascalino derives from a venerable Hanoverian mareline, which produced the stallions Donnermann (private stallion Netherlands), Faland (private stallion Hanover), Frapant-Star (private stallion Lithuania), Frisbee (Dillenburg state stallion), Gouverneur (private stallion USA), Waldmeister (Schwaiganger state stallion) and Winnipeg I (private stallion Sweden). His damsire Velten Third only briefly covered in the Elbe-Weser River region, but still left state premium mares and a top auction lot in Verden. The third generation of Rascalino’s pedigree leads to high percentage black horse blood. The black horse World Cup III (Celle and Radegast state stallion) in the third generation, was trained up to advanced class and frequently passed on his great predisposition to his progeny, including White Foot ridden by Michael Klimke. The pedigree is rounded off well by the strong black performance stallion Salut, who presented many showjumpers for the international stage and the top dressage horse Souverän W. Jürgen Wirths.

Offspring Records:

2023 Denali SDSF

Bay Hanoverian Filly by Dannebrog



2022 Rhineland Filly

Dannebrog x Qrystal Cadence SDSF (Qredit - I Am Graf Royal/Graf Gotthard)

Bred by Sierra Downs Sporthorse Farm. Retained as a sport and breeding prospect.

Performance Record:

2023: 1st Place USDFBC Yearling Filly on score of 80.450%


4th Place USDF Year End Awards CY Filly - 79.800%

Champion USDFBC Southern Region Current Year Foal (scores up to 80.900%)

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