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Simultaneously, as we look ahead to an exciting future with each new generation of breeding stock, we fondly reminisce about the mares that contributed their entire selves as the backbone of this program's livelihood and success, producing and raising top quality sport prospects, and completing our personal family tree.





The one that started it all.

1997 Oldenburg Mare (I Am Graf Royal/Graf Gotthard)

Our passion for breeding started with the purchase of our very first mare, Jeopardy (I Am Graf Royal/Graf Gotthard). This fiesty then-five year old gray mare quickly stole our heart as she developed through competition, and now stands as the senior matriarch of our broodmare band. Her willingness to work, her athleticism, and her in-your-pocket temperament drove us to quickly fall in love with this breed, which quickly led to us expanding our band of mares.

We have retained two fillies by her: Qualität Kronjuwel & Qrystal Cadence

Deceased 2020

2001 Oldenburg Mare (Ideal/Inschallah x Lotta Currency xx))

Ikaika is by the 5* stallion Ideal, and is perhaps our most prized broodmare. Ika's first career was in raising and training the Masin daughters, all the while traveling this country with Natalie as a companion and family member. Once settled in the Houston area, Ikaika successfully competed through fourth level dressage in two short show seasons despite starting her show career at the relatively old age of 12 and with very little previous professional dressage training. Though her competition career was cut short due to our desire to breed, Ika undoubtedly carries the competence, trainability, strength and aptitude for FEI-level dressage.

Deceased 2021



2002 Oldenburg Mare (Ideal/Inschallah x Lotta Currency xx))

Ikuma is full sister to Ikaika, who successfully competed through fourth level dressage despite starting her show career at the relatively old age of 12. Ikuma is by the 5* stallion Ideal, and was one of the highest scoring fillies of the 2002 ISR/Oldenburg NA foal crop. Ikuma has a strong, confident presence and noble character, while exhibiting proper conformation combined with eye-catching movement and physical stature. Her temperament and uncomplicated demeanor have made her an easy favorite in our herd.

Retired 2021

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